Why do we write?

Writing – the written word – has been around for centuries, dating back to the earliest of recorded history. In the Written words, writing was seen as a purposeful human action through which the writer intended to convey information, usually symbolically represented by traditional signs and symbols. In this definition, five aspects are of paramount importance: the writer, the audience, the medium, the content, and the audience’s response to the content. From this description it should be clear that the intent of the writer is not to publish or distribute the material, but to express knowledge, ideas, or ideas in the form of a literary work.

The written word, and especially academic texts and essays, are a means of communication and a means of distribution. In other words, what we write, and how we write, is a reflection of our intent and purpose in writing. There are several types of texts that can be categorized under this heading: firstly, texts that are distributed as a printable version, such as research papers and end results of scientific research papers; secondly, texts that are submitted to or used in arguments in classrooms or educational institutions; thirdly, texts that are used as reference materials for students in schools; and finally, texts that are produced as part of a personal or professional expression of one’s personal opinion or viewpoint.

Academic writing is usually conducted in written essays or courses on a particular topic. For example, if a teacher is teaching a class on Shakespeare, he will likely assign a group of essays, which will discuss various works by this famous playwright, analyze his themes and characters, and discuss relevant literature and history. Students will need to read these texts, understand the concepts, arguments, and ideas that are presented within the text, and respond accordingly. An instructor’s decision to assign this type of assignment is based on the teacher’s intent to create learning opportunities and to facilitate learning within the classroom. In order to prepare for this type of assignment, students will need to read a wide variety of different types of literature, including classic, contemporary, and recent works.

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