Am I Too Old to Be a Pharmacist Assistant?

Am I too old to become a Pharmacy Assistant? The short answer is no. It is not an option. It’s a necessity. There are several career options for those that have reached the milestone of being able to work in a pharmacy.

These professionals help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide quality service to the community. They also work in doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or hospitals. Some work solely for a specific company. Many choose to strike out on their own and start their own career.

The truth is, yes you are too old to become an assistant. You have lived long enough. If you have reached a certain age, it’s time to move on. This profession is not for someone that doesn’t enjoy the day-to-day tasks. If you love working in a health care environment, then you may want to consider a career as a pharmacy technician.

If this is the career path you’ve chosen for yourself, you should know that the pay is great. Many people will earn between forty and sixty thousand a year. This can be a nice extra income for stay at home parents, college education students or retirees. The downside to this career choice is the workload involved with the job. With a few hours each day, it would be impossible for you to serve the needs of a typical pharmacy assistant.

As a result, most people prefer the easy comfort of filling out paperwork instead of assisting a doctor on a surgical table. Unfortunately, most pharmacies only provide basic training on the job. For that reason, your customer can call you any time they need a refill or want more information on an ingredient listed on a product label. It would be impossible for you to know what to do without some type of training, even if it is an office job.

If the answer to “Am I too old to be a pharmacist assistant?” is yes, then you have made a sound decision about your career choices. This does not mean you should become a CPhT or stop being a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Instead, take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Although it is difficult, you can obtain a pharmacist assistant license on your own through on-the-job training and by taking a series of general courses. However, if you need additional certification, your employer can also assist you with this.

If the answer to “Am I too old to be a pharmacist assistant?” is yes, then you may wish to think about a career change to another area in the health care profession. Each year, thousands of people enter into their mid-forties or older years, hoping to continue working in the field of medicine or to pursue other health professions. This means that your current employer may actually be supportive of a career change and willing to help you achieve your goals.

If the answer to “Am I too old to be a pharmacist assistant if I’m at my 40’s?” is yes, then you will want to start planning your career transition now. If your employer is supportive, and offers a good benefits package, you may want to consider taking this advantage of the situation. Otherwise, you will simply have to accept the fact that a career as a pharmacy assistant will not be an option for you. As long as you are motivated and you have a strong desire to work in this field, you can successfully complete a pharmacy technician training program and complete the pharmacy tech certification exam in a reasonable amount of time.

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