How Can I Be More Confident in Public Speaking?

How can I be more confident in public speaking? This is the common question that millions of people across the globe ask themselves daily, “How can I be more confident in public speaking? I am not good at it.” In this article I will share with you one little known secret that has the ability to increase your confidence ten-fold.

First things first, what is the root cause of your fear of public speaking? It is fear of the unknown. Fear of not being understood. If you can get rid of this fear of the unknown you will be a lot more successful in your speaking career.

You have many options to choose from to get rid of this fear. The first thing you can do is to figure out why you are afraid of speaking in public. What is it that is stopping you from getting your message across? What are your weaknesses? For example:

How can I be more confident in public speaking, if I am a terrible listener? Well, the answer is simple. When you are scared to speak in public, you don’t get your point across. You won’t get your message across. And if you try to do that, you might make a fool out of yourself and look silly instead of confident.

So how can you get over that fear of appearing foolish or making a fool out of yourself? You start by making sure that you have the correct posture. If you are sitting down or standing up incorrectly, you will be unable to look confident and believable. It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you have the proper posture.

Get up and walk around a bit. Use your hands to make eye contact with the audience. Don’t put on a show for them. Look interested in what they are saying and give them your full attention. Don’t shy away from answering their questions. If you know what they want to hear, then you will let them know.

Also, learn to say “I” or “me” correctly. Say it out loud and make eye contact. At the same time, use sentences that make it clear who you are and what you are talking about. For example: I am a writer.

Learning how can I be more confident in public speaking? The best way is by using what is called self-confidence hypnosis. This method works because you subconsciously replace your negative feelings about yourself with positive thoughts. It works quickly and will give you back your old confident self. This way, you can get over your fear and start feeling confident everyday.

The key is to have confidence in yourself first. If you lack self-confidence, you need to get help for that. It’s not hard and can be very beneficial to your life. Just go see a therapist or attend a talk therapy session.

You can also take tips from people that have been more confident than you in public. See how they speak, practice saying things they say, and how they walk. Study their body language, and try to copy what they do. Then, if you can, practice what they do.

Another way can you be more confident in public speaking? Get more comfortable when people are talking to you. This means that you might need to practice saying “hi” and other simple greetings. If you are naturally shy, it will take some time, but as you get more comfortable, you will feel at ease in any situation.

Your posture and body language also play a role in making you more confident in public speaking. Try walking with an upright posture. Keep your back straight, and don’t lean too far forward. When you stand in front of a large group of people, especially if it’s the first time you’re going to be speaking in front of them, you need to relax. This means that you shouldn’t be tensed up, and that you shouldn’t be biting your lip or having your voice quiver.

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