How Can I Be More Confident sexually?

Many men want to know how can I be more confident in bed. Confidence is a very important aspect of having a great sex life. If you don’t have confidence it can affect your performance and even your love life. Many people feel lost and unattractive when they aren’t confident. Learning how to become confident can change your entire outlook on life.

Here are some quick tips that will help you get started. First, watch porn! This might sound silly but it really does work for many men. porn allows them to act out what they want to do with their woman without fear of being seen doing it in public. The best part about this is that there is nothing embarrassing about it, and your girl won’t know a thing!

Second, make sure you have yourself wet. Having yourself so aroused before you have sex will give you more confidence. It also makes sure that your partner feels good when they are with you. Be sure to do both – wet and clean!

Third, learn how to tease your partner. Tease your guy as much as possible! You can tease him by moving closer together while looking at each other, or you can do it verbally. Just remember not to overdo it! You don’t want to appear as needy and desperate, and if you do, he won’t want to be with you!

Fourth, learn how to touch her in the right places. It’s amazing how many women think that touching their man during sex means they haven’t really grown and explored their sexuality. Don’t be one of these women! Start by rubbing her clitoris gently. After this you can do anything!

Fifth, remember that foreplay is just as important as sex itself. Explore her body and what you can do to get her turned on. While you’re at it, touch her other parts too – but only if she asks you to. You want her to feel special and wanted! Touch her where she wants you to touch her – and this can’t be under false pretenses, either!

Sixth, be confident! This comes from inside of you, and it comes from the knowledge that you know who you are proud of it. When a woman is confident, she gets turned on far better than when she is insecure or afraid. You can make your confidence even stronger by knowing what you look like – now that you know how to shave and apply make-up, your confidence will grow and you will be better able to answer the question – “How can I be more confident?”

Seventh, surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and love you for who you are. The people around you who support and appreciate you are the best way to gain sexual confidence. These include your family and friends – and yes, even your boy/girlfriend! Be sure to shower your confidence and love on them as well. The more comfortable you feel around others, the better you will be in and out of bed!

eighth, get help with your confidence issues. There are plenty of resources online to help you if you want to learn how to get your confidence back. They are also great for the sex life!

ninth, get more sex! The more sex you have in your day, the more relaxed you will be and the better you will be at giving pleasure to your partner. And hey, once you have that confidence boost going, you may just decide to try out the g-spot or something!

What’s the one thing you’ve most wanted in your life but never been able to achieve? That’s right – confidence. Confidence gives you the mental and emotional balance that many people need to enjoy sex! So don’t let a lack of confidence stop you from enjoying sex again – step out in confidence, get back in the bedroom and have some fun! You’ll both be glad you did.

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