How Can I Make My 4-Year-Old More Confident? Ten Steps to Boosting Self-Confidence For Kids

I’m often asked, how can I make my 4-year-old more confident in themselves. I always reply by asking them how did they come to be that way. They give a non-answer response type answer. If we want our children to become confident adults, it’s not enough that they learn to say please and thank you. We must also teach them how to behave with others. I will go into more detail about this topic in another article.

So, how can I make my 4-year-old more confident? There are many ways of making children become more confident. You must first decide what is the reason that is making them become more confident.

First off, make sure that you give them lots of praise. Praise your child for every single good thing that they do. Make sure you acknowledge their effort. If you see them squinting when giving a speech or standing with their head down, make sure to compliment them on their good performance. In short, make sure you give them lots of praise.

Second, make sure that they are surrounded with positive influences. Try to go out with your friends more often. Have your friends help your child practice how to give a speech. These simple measures will make them more confident in front of others.

Third, play with them. This may sound silly, but it’s actually a tried and true method. Allow your child to make some mistakes and have them make fun of them. When they make fun of themselves, make sure you take it as a compliment. They will soon grow into the habit of taking pleasure in making fun of themselves.

Fourth, encourage your kid to approach new situations in a confident manner. They need to know that they can trust you in a time of trouble. This can be scary for your kid, so support them and guide them in a positive direction. They need to know that they can rely on you.

Fifth, practice what you say with your child. Let them repeat it back to you several times until it sounds natural. You don’t want to over-emphasize it, just say it several times like they did to you until they get the idea. This will make them feel good and it will help them gain confidence.

Six, do not use physical punishment if you want your kid to become more confident. It will only make him fear you because he won’t know what to expect if you start physically abusing him. So learn to be gentle with him and he will eventually learn to trust you.

Seven, tell him he is an intelligent kid who is capable of things. This builds his self-esteem and gives him a sense of pride. He will feel good when he does certain things well and he will strive to be better. It also encourages other children to become confident too.

Eight, be encouraging and supportive of him. Don’t push him around all the time and give him mixed messages. Also, don’t criticize him or tell him off because he did something wrong. He needs to learn to set his own pace.

Nine, let him learn to get his own way. Your child doesn’t want you to be controlled or told what to do. When he tries to be part of your plans and you make him do it, how can I make my 4-year-old more confident?

Ten, be sure to help out with his confidence boosters. Try to find things that he likes to do and join in on the fun. Show him that you are interested in the things he does and be supportive of him in his chosen activity. He will enjoy participating as much as he will enjoy the results and this will build his self-esteem.

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