How Does Knowledge of Psychology of Motivation Affect the Workplace?

A recent article I read on the role of psychology in the workplace asked, “How does knowledge of psychology of motivation affect the workplace?” The author answered her question with excellent observation and a very good example of what I believe is true about human nature. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that having knowledge of the psychology of motivation affects every aspect of your life. That’s right, your career, your relationships, your finances, and even your family. Read on for more information.

One thing that always amazes me when I read about or speak to workplace experts about workplace motivation is their complete ignorance of human nature. As humans, we are naturally competitive and motivated by various factors including rewards, recognition, and social approval. Therefore, human nature is indeed an important factor to consider and manage when building a career and keeping employees motivated. According to the author of the article, knowledge of psychology of motivation can be used to effectively manage this natural competitive and motivator driven behavior within businesses today.

What if an employer knew some tricks of the trade that would help increase the employee’s motivation? How would this impact the company as a whole? For example, what if an employer offered a small cash bonus for each new loyal customer they turned into the company. This might sound like a minor benefit, but think of the long term ramifications. If a large percentage of the new customers were repeat customers, then this form of leverage could significantly increase the employee’s bottom line.

Another study that proves the importance of knowledge in human nature is the phenomenon of attrition. What is the attrition? It is the number of employees who quit a given career in any given company during a certain span of time because the company failed to properly guide them in making the right decision. The author of the study clearly defines attrition, which is “the loss of potential future employment as the result of failure to meet performance objectives.”

How does knowledge of psychology of motivation affect the retention of employees? In a nutshell, employees become more loyal to a boss who can easily make them feel important. This helps to explain why bosses are often recommended for higher paid positions. A boss who can consistently impress his employees will surely be given a higher paying position. Of course, this also works the opposite way, as lower paying jobs usually require employees to work much longer hours, which clearly defeats one of the main benefits of a boss, which is the increased productivity.

In addition, the research also shows that workers with high levels of knowledge are happier at work. Not only do they tend to be happier, but they also tend to produce better quality work. In other words, workers who have a higher understanding of how the business works are happier and are more productive. They are not only satisfied with their job, but they are proud of it. As a result of their efforts, they are more likely to stay with a company for years.

In the current climate, knowledge of psychology of motivation is very important. One cannot underestimate the importance of gaining as much knowledge about motivation as possible. A good boss who is able to inspire his employees to achieve great results is a very valuable asset. It is not only the boss that can benefit from a well-informed employee. All levels of the company will gain from a good psychology program.

Now that you know how does knowledge of psychology of motivation affect the workplace? Hopefully, you are motivated to do all you can to put knowledge into practice and learn as much as you can about workplace psychology. When a good boss is found, not only is the worker happier, but the company will also be better off. When the workplace behavior of the employees is aligned with the ideals that motivate them, success is bound to follow. It is never too late to improve your work performance and gain maximum benefits.

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