How to Be Confident Every Day

Learning how to be more confident in yourself is important from an organizational standpoint, but also in many other areas of your personal life. If you’re a sufferer of low self-esteem and in a role that demands to be dependable and confident, being confident is non-negotible. Think back to moments in which you’ve felt completely and totally out of place. You might have had a complete stranger give you the cold shoulder or feel as though someone was staring at you all of the time. Did these experiences leave you feeling unsure of yourself?

How does your behavior reflect on your self-confidence level? Do you have a habit of procrastinating and not acting upon what you need to do? There are many things in our lives that demand our attention and yet we often let them go by the wayside. How can you boost confidence in yourself?

If something wasn’t working out the way you wanted it to, how do you feel when you look back and realize that it should have worked out differently? If things didn’t go well the first time, how do you know you’ll have good results the second time around? If something went wrong and you weren’t happy with the outcome, how do you deal with that now? Learning how to be more confident in yourself can help you get past these challenges and keep you in control of every day life.

One way how to be more confident in yourself is to pick up on good qualities that others miss. It’s a well known psychological fact that we’re more drawn to people who have the same characteristics that we admire and value. Learning how to pick up on good qualities can really give you an edge in an uphill battle and can give you the self-confidence you’ve always needed.

Another way how to be more confident in yourself is to be a believer. Believe in yourself and your abilities and start believing in your ability to change your circumstances for the better. The lack of confidence conundrum shows that you lack confidence in yourself, so begin to take control of your own destiny. Having the belief that you have the ability to change your life and make it better, gives you the motivation to keep going.

Having positive qualities (OWises, 1993). “To be confident means knowing what you want, knowing that you can get it, imagining having it, and believing that you have it.” In the quote above, the word confident was used three times and it all comes from the word confidence. So having confidence, maintaining it, and building on it are all part of becoming confident.

There are many ways how to be more confident. The most important step is to find the right sources to help boost confidence in yourself. If you look like a Greek statue while standing in front of the mirror, no one will want to be with you. It doesn’t matter if you dress like a Greek god or act like one, if you don’t feel good about yourself, others will be unable to either.

Achieving confidence helps us accomplish more in life. It allows us to believe in ourselves and our capabilities. And when we have high confidence, we tend to get ourselves very happy – even if we are wearing pink fuzzy slippers! In short, confidence helps us make good things happen, and bad things happen to good things.

Many times we face problems that are not going to go away by belief alone. We may have come up against a difficult obstacle, or been rejected badly at the workplace. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we turn to convince ourselves that we are “not good enough”, or we turn to drinking or overeating. However, these behaviors do nothing to improve our confidence! We need to face our problems head-on, and work through them using positive affirmations such as “I am a powerful, confident person”, “I am a valuable person”, and “I have great faith in myself”.

You can also practice how to be more confident by using body language, including leaning forward, crossing your arms, and other non-verbal communications. By leaning forward and crossing your arms, you put more attention on your upper body, and by having the proper body language, you communicate that you are an open-minded person, willing to learn and adapt to changes. By crossing your legs, you convey that you are a closed-minded person who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. Being confident with how you look and what you’re saying is as easy as changing your wardrobe!

The Power of Positive Thinking by Anthony Robbins can teach you how to be more confident. This book discusses how your beliefs about yourself and others can be your most powerful tool. Robbins also discusses the reality of low self-esteem and how it can limit your abilities and make you feel bad about yourself.

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