How to Be More Confident in Confrontation

How to be more confident in confrontation? How to walk up to an adversary and not look like a fool and act as though you’ve not learned your lessons. How to maintain that confidence even when others want to take you down in the arena of competition. You need to be confident. You need to be able to win. Confidence is important.

I have worked with people who have no confidence. I’ve seen them wither away and become more submissive than those who have more confidence. Their fear of confrontation drove them to the point of being violent. They have walled themselves off from others and have not let their natural abilities shine through.

Now they are coming to me for help. I am revealing to them how to improve their confidence. I am showing them how to confront people who are trying to abuse their position or take advantage of them. I am showing them how to stand up to intimidation. I am showing them how to see the world from the eyes of strength, rather than weakness.

Confident people know how to walk up to intimidation and get the job done. They don’t just roll over and let intimidation have its way. They don’t just go along with it. They do something about it.

If you want more confidence, you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to learn new things. Develop your skills. Learn how to make decisions based on facts and not emotion. Have a clear understanding of what you are talking about and why you are saying it.

The reason confidence is so important in how to be more confident in confrontation is because intimidation works by terrorizing you into submission. If you can’t stand up to an intimidation tactic, it will work. It will shut you down. You won’t be able to walk or talk.

What a confident person does is walk right up to the person doing the intimidation and say, “I don’t think that is fair. Those are not the rules of civilized society.” If that person is unable or unwilling to change his mind or behavior, then the confident person simply walks away.

That’s how confidence works. It is walking up to someone who is threatening and saying, “I don’t think that is fair. Those are not the rules of civilized society.” And then walking away.

How do you know if you are feeling confident or not? Look at how you act when you are in certain circumstances. Do you always have an air of authority about you? Do you walk like you own the building? Do you exude self-confidence? When you feel yourself rising to the challenge, that is your confidence in your abilities.

Does all this happen automatically? Of course not. There is always some conscious effort on your part to become more confident in confrontation. Just being aware that there is a challenge ahead of you and that you are prepared will help you win the fight.

So how do you become more confident? Well, first of all, learn to relax. You don’t have to meditate for hours or spend countless hours rehearsing but just take a few minutes to yourself and be calm. This will relax both you and the other person and can really help you get over a confrontation.

Secondly, work on your assertiveness. It doesn’t matter whether it is verbal or non-verbal, if you are assertive you will have a higher level of confidence. Walk up to the person who is threatening you and tell them that you are not interested. If they don’t back down, walk away from them without looking back.

Now, that you have these two basic components, work on perfecting them. Practice in front of a mirror. When walking towards someone try to look confident. If you’re unsure how to walk away, practice running away from people. The more confidence you build, the more confident you will be in public.

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