How To Be More Confident In Decision Making – Start Small

If you ask many people they will tell you how to be more confident in decision making. You would think after all the theory and the lectures that would have told you this stuff over again would make perfect sense. The problem is most people are not taught it correctly. They end up learning it through trial and error.

There are some who make the mistake of thinking that being a confident person is akin to arrogance. This is far from the truth. To be truly confident you need to have a balance. You need to be balanced in all aspects of life.

Confidence can easily be built and lost. You need to make sure decisions are made carefully and with complete knowledge of the consequences. Make sure decisions are made based on research and not emotion. It is important not to get carried away by feelings.

Thinking positively is a great way to gain confidence. When you think positively you end up being more positive about yourself. Thinking positively means you do not end up making decisions out of fear. You become more decisive and prepared.

It also helps if you are confident in yourself. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. If you feel that you are right then you end up being right. If you are not sure about something but feel that you are right in your opinion, you end up being wrong. Confidence means that you are not afraid to follow your opinion but if you are arrogant you end up following just your feelings.

One example of this is when a salesperson is talking to a potential client. If the salesperson is confident he will be able to make the prospect to do what he wants. If the client is doubtful but not totally afraid of him he will be more willing to go through with the deal. When the salesperson has his down side he is able to overcome it and makes the sale.

The secret of confidence is knowing you can trust yourself. You must be sure that you are confident. Endorsement from family and friends can help. When you know that you can rely on yourself to make a decision, you will be able to rely on your own abilities and be confident.

There are also many techniques you can learn to boost your confidence. You may not feel that you have to make major changes in your life immediately. Over time they will pay off. Overdoing things may leave you fearful and panicky so you want to start slowly, work your way up to more confidence.

Practice being confident. Start small and go on. If you think that something can’t be done to try it. Don’t be afraid to fail. The fear of failing is the very thing that will make you keep at it. Eventually you will reach a point where you can do anything.

How to be more confident in decision making doesn’t mean you don’t listen. Your decisions should be based on facts. Listen to others too. Listen to your gut feelings and what you have to say.

You shouldn’t follow others blindly. Taking advice from someone who isn’t wise or reputable is not always a good idea. The best idea is to do your research and then trust your instinct. Go with your gut. You will find that many people who are more confident are those who are less distracted by the opinions of others.

Make sure that you have a plan. One way to do this is to write down everything that you need to do and follow through on it. Have a time line for when things need to be done. That way you know exactly how much work is ahead of you.

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