How to Be More Confident With Eye Contact

How to be more confident with eye contact is a question that people who suffer from shyness often ask. Shyness is a self-fulfilling prophesy and people with low self confidence often have problems with eye contact because they don’t feel comfortable looking into the eyes of another person. They have a tendency to squint, turn their head away or even just break their gaze. When someone with a high self esteem does this it shows that they are uncomfortable and they are not in control of their own emotions. You can learn how to be more confident with eye contact by following these steps.

First, you have to make a conscious effort to be more comfortable around other people. Stand tall, stand apart and don’t let others talk you into sitting down. You will feel more confident if you never, ever feel pressured to do something. Just take your time and don’t be afraid to speak up or to make a suggestion.

Second, practice making eye contact. Don’t ever sit down with someone and lock your eyes with them. If you never look at someone in their eyes, you will never know how much they respect you and how much they care about you.

Third, smile a lot. People will feel more secure when you make the effort to brighten up your face. Always have an optimistic attitude about the other person. You will be surprised how much happiness they can bring to a situation, if you smile at them and make eye contact. This goes for any kind of relationship.

Fourth, practice saying thank you. When you talk to someone, always say thank you. Even if you don’t mean it at the moment, they will see it in your eyes and appreciate the gesture. Also, when you are speaking, bring your hands to your stomach.

Fifth, touch them on the arm or wherever is appropriate. As strange as it sounds, there are times when it is appropriate to touch someone. Touching someone shows that you want to be close to them. It also gives the feeling of comfort. So, make the move.

Sixth, hold eye contact with somebody longer than you look at them. A lot of people look away the moment they notice that you are looking at them. Hold eye contact for at least two minutes before breaking away. This will show that you do not feel intimidated by the other person. It also gives the feeling of security.

These tips should help you overcome shyness and get more confidence. They may seem like common sense, but it really does pay to learn these things. Confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Take advantage of it and watch your social life take a huge turn for the better.

Learn how to be more confident with eye contact by making eye contact with the person of your choice for longer than you normally would. You should also touch them, even if you are just thinking about something else. When you make physical contact, you should feel comfortable and secure in your own skin. If not, you will look fake and unimpressive.

Being confident has so much to do with how you carry yourself. Look your best and you will not worry about what people think. Be clean and wear neutral colors, such as brown, tan, or black. Do not wear anything too flashy or odd. You should be wearing clothing that looks good on you but does not draw attention away from your features and strengths.

People who are naturally confident will always exude that confidence. When you are self-conscious about how you look or dress, you will never be able to make an impact with the opposite sex. You have to learn how to be confident through practice.

Learning how to be more confident with eye contact will help you gain confidence in yourself and others. You will no longer feel shy about making a great first impression. More importantly, though, you will make a better impression on everyone you meet. Just be confident enough to smile when you meet someone new, and give off the aura of confidence you want others to see. That way, they will be more comfortable around you and will want to spend time getting to know you better.

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