How to Create Lasting Business Gifts

When you work in an advertising agency, your marketing gift ideas for clients can include anything from pens and pencils to desk accessories like paper weights. The choice is yours, but the idea behind these gifts is usually to make the client feel appreciated as they continue to do business with you. Your marketing gift ideas for clients need not be expensive, but thoughtful and useful, which is why these products are a favorite among many companies.

Pens and pencils might seem pedestrian when it comes to gifts, but the fact is that they have a lot of practical uses for your clients. If you are the type of company who has a large number of clients, these basic tools can be used over again. If you only have a few clients, you can buy them one or two pens. And if you are a small independent firm, you can provide your clients with as many pens as they need or want. As you think about your gift ideas for clients, keep in mind how useful your gift items are to your prospective recipients.

Desk accessories can be included in your marketing gift ideas for clients, as well. A variety of items are available online and in specialty stores for just this purpose. You can get a desk clock, a paper weight and a pen thermometer in a single package, allowing you to save money on the entire gift. Keep the quality of the item in mind, however, and remember that you don’t want to provide your client with a product that will break easily.

You might think that business card holders are redundant gifts but consider what they say about you and your company. These simple little gifts are actually powerful tools that allow you to quickly and easily communicate with your client. Clients need to know who you are, what you do and how to contact you, and the right business card can help you achieve this goal. Keep in mind that your clients are likely to discard their cards after receiving them, so this is an opportunity that you need to seize. Give your clients something to remember you by that shows you put thought into your business and who you are.

Promotional bags and mouse pads are excellent marketing gifts for both yourself and your client. Consider buying a number of bags that can be used to hold sample products or for mailing services. These items are likely to be kept at the client’s desk long after the samples have been sent off, so they are a great reminder of you and your business. These bags also show your client that you are thoughtful enough to care about the little things around your office. Keep these bags updated with promotional content as often as possible, as this is another way to keep your client informed and interested in your business.

If you need a gift that is a bit more memorable than a bag or a mouse pad, consider a coffee mug with a note from you printed on the inside. This type of memento shows that you took the time to think about your client, that you put some extra effort into their care, and that you care about the small things. Some businesses place their logo on their business mugs. Others keep their contact information on the inside of the mug. You can also use promotional pens that are placed inside of a beautifully designed ceramic mug. Pens are one of the most useful mementos that your client will keep forever, and they are an item that they are likely to keep forever as well.

The most common mistake that many businesses make when it comes to keeping their clients happy is that they do not take the time to find out about their hobbies or interests. While these gifts may be somewhat generic, they can still be effective if they include information about your client that is relevant to their work. If your client enjoys reading books, a coffee mug featuring the logo of your business and some of the book covers would be a great keepsake for your client. Similarly, if your client is a world class chess player and enjoys collecting board games, a game of chess with a custom chess set would make a great keepsake that could even be handed down from generation to generation within your company’s company.

Marketing gift ideas for keepsake items is a great way to show that you appreciate your clients and their efforts in helping your business grow. Keepsake gifts are the perfect way to show that you care about them and their interests. These types of gifts will be treasured throughout the life of the recipient, and every time they use or look at the keepsakes they will always remember your business. These gifts are the perfect way to say thank you to your client for their loyalty and support over the years. Your clients will always be grateful for the business they have given to you, and this gratitude will only grow as time passes by.

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