How to Define Pharmacology – Part 3 of 3

For me, my answer to what is the best way to define Pharmacology is as follows; it is the study of how drugs work in the body. It is a science that uses measurement and clinical trial data to support the development of new drugs. The field is one of the most important sciences in the world because without it there will be no medical advancements. This definition is applicable not only to pharmacology but also to biology, nutrition therapy and even rehabilitation.

The discipline of Pharmacy and Pharmacology has actually been around for more than two thousand years. The first record of this particular science appears in the Charlemagne’s Pharmacopoeia. This defines the standards of conduct for a pharmacist in determining the usefulness of a new drug or its ingredients. The basic pharmacological terms that we use everyday such as alkaloids, antidepressants and narcotics have actually been derived from the work of this ancient pharmacist.

Pharmacology definition is very much interdependent with the process of drug discovery itself. In order to understand the subject, it is first important to understand the process of drug discovery. In order for a new medication to be successful in the development phase, several basic steps must be followed. These steps include the qualification and submission of an application, investigation of the claims for the new pharmaceuticals, analyzing the data to establish the strength and the value of the new drugs, regulatory consulting and the commercialization process.

The process of drug discovery may seem somewhat complicated to many of us who may not have a background in pharmacology. However, a closer look at the subject will reveal that it actually contains some simple principles. Many textbooks on pharmacology provide a clear and simplified explanation of how the entire process works. The best way to define Pharmacology therefore really comes down to defining what it is not.

While most textbooks will give some definition of the subject, it is up to you as a student to learn about the different areas that are involved. One of the first steps to undertake when one is trying to understand what is the best way to define Pharmacology is to understand the four main areas that are involved. These are the biology of the disease, the area of chemistry that is affected by the disease and the area of clinical trials that are conducted. Once these four areas are understood, it is easy to see how they can affect each other and affect how a new pharmaceutical is developed.

As previously mentioned, the biology of the disease is the central focus of this process. It is important to understand how drug compounds affect the biology of cells. This includes learning about cell receptor biology. This is especially important when it comes to considering how drugs may affect cells in ways that are new or foreign to cells.

The second area of study deals with the chemistry of the drug. It is important to understand how different chemical agents change things in a very distinct manner. This includes understanding how the best way to define a drug would involve working to alter chemical reactions that will produce the desired effect on the cells being affected. This is also an important part of considering how to design the drug so that it will be effective.

The third area that will be covered is the area of clinical trials. Studies have been conducted on a variety of different diseases over the course of many years and some have shown very positive results. These clinical trials will often be used in order to determine if a new drug is effective and will thus be used on a large scale. It is important to understand the differences between these types of studies. What is the best way to define a drug? The answers can be complex.

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