How To Get More Sales For A Pharmacy Technician

If you’re a Pharmacy Technician, then one of the most important factors in maintaining your organization’s profitability and success is learning how to increase sales for a Pharmacy Technician. A Pharmacy Technician (PT) is typically responsible for dispensing medications under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and is usually required to be on hand at the office all day. Some Pharmacy Technicians (PTCs) is employed in doctor’s offices, hospitals and nursing homes, but many strive to break into the private sector by pursuing jobs in healthcare facilities and corporations. The successful Pharmacy Technician has a high skill level in medication administration, patient education and medical procedures, and can multi-task on a variety of job assignments. Here are some tips for those who are aspiring to be a Pharmacy Technician:

Know Your Industry – There are a variety of areas within the health care industry that a Pharmacy Technician can enter. Typically, their primary focus will be on filling prescriptions. However, they may also be called upon to educate patients about different medications, and aid pharmacists during office visits. These individuals must be skilled in understanding and filling a variety of prescriptions, as well as understanding when a patient requires leaving advice with a nurse practitioner or physician. A Pharmacy Technician must be knowledgeable about the brand name and type of medication, as well as specific details regarding its manufacturer.

Study – Pharmacy technicians may choose to study for the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) examination, which is offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Candidates wishing to participate in the exam must have at least a two-year college degree and a passing score of at least 65%. This exam is targeted towards experienced professionals and is not intended for beginning pharmacists or new graduates. Candidates applying for CPhT certification must demonstrate that they possess both the technical knowledge needed to perform the exam, as well as an ability to communicate in English. Pharmacy Technicians will need to pass three written sections and one clinical section.

Get Familiar With The Industry As A Whole – A successful career as a pharmacy technician requires that candidates understand both the pharmaceutical industry, as a whole, and how pharmacies function, and how various components interact. Many pharmacists work as consultants for drug companies. These individuals must understand how and where to obtain medical services for customers. A career as a consultant can be lucrative, but it will require that a candidate take an active role within a health care office, as well as interact with physicians and other staff. A pharmacy technician should have a strong desire to learn about the way that the entire industry functions.

Get Certified – The CPhT exam is achieved by passing three exams. A candidate must first get certified through the AARTTC program administered by the Institute of Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT). This program is only available in the United States. Once certified, a pharmacy technician may apply for certification from another nation. Pharmacy techs who wish to become a CPhT must successfully complete a national examination to become eligible. These exams are offered in a variety of different countries.

Build Customer Service Reputation – In order to succeed as a pharmacy technician, it is important that those working within the industry to develop a high level of customer service. Pharmacy techs can do well by working with doctors on a regular basis. They should always be willing to help patients feel comfortable while providing information. They should always be polite in their conduct and treat patients with respect. This will help them build strong client service skills and allow them to earn their Certified Pharmacy Technician certification.

There are other ways to take advantage of this career, too. Individuals working in this career may also have an opportunity to travel. They may find that a great opportunity in another location lies just beyond their door. They may want to take this vacation for their families, or perhaps they are simply intrigued by an unusual destination. If you are interested in this profession, you may be able to land such a position and enjoy it for many years to come.

When looking at starting a career in a pharmacy technician career, there are many avenues to explore. Each of these options will provide opportunities for growth and development. Individuals who are successful began with just one opportunity, and then worked their way up to more difficult positions and greater responsibilities. Today, there are many opportunities in this career for advancement, as more people are going back to school for a new career or just a new job. This is a career choice that will not only allow you to make money, but also give you the opportunity to help others. It is a career choice that has unlimited possibilities and only requires that you work with a good attitude and a great work ethic.

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