How to Improve Employee Motivation at Workplace

How to improve employee motivation in the workplace is a question I receive a lot of emails about. My answer to this question is simple and straight forward. Motivation is defined as your employees overall desire or will to do whatever it is you ask them to do. Motivation at the workplace is no different than that. And it makes sense because your goal is to create the highest level of performance out of every one of your workers.

In the past I was the CEO of a company that required all new hires to perform a mandatory two-hour training session. Prior to this requirement, I would regularly give individual managers the chance to go through this training with their employees. Although this helped to boost job satisfaction amongst my employees, it also created a situation where employees were confused as to what they needed to accomplish.

When you use the tools we talked about in this article to help increase your employees overall job satisfaction and motivation, you are going to discover a dramatic difference. When you have employees who are motivated to do their best, your company is going to be able to realize significant increases in profits and revenue. This is a win-win situation and I know it can change the way you view the role of an in-house employee.

How to Improve Employee Motivation in the Workplace by Improving Job Attitudes One of the things that happens in organizations that have poor job attitudes is that there is an overall reduction in motivation within the workforce. As an example, if people feel like they are being pushed down or belittled, there is going to be a low motivation level in the entire organization. There needs to be a concerted effort from managers to not only motivate current employees but also to instill new attitudes into the staff that will see the importance of the company’s goals and objectives. A manager cannot make a bad employee motivate but they can create a team atmosphere where employees feel like they really are a part of something huge.

How to Improve Employee Motivation in the Workplace by Creating a Workplace Climate When you talk about creating a motivating environment for your employees, what you are really doing is creating a positive feedback loop that creates the desire to succeed. In order to create this positive feedback loop, you have to make sure that every member of your workplace knows where their place is in the pecking order. For some people, being in the top five is sufficient. For other employees, reaching the top ten may be necessary.

How to Improve Employee Motivation in the Workplace by Implementing Internal Motivation Another important step on how to boost employee motivation is by implementing internal motivation programs. The best way to implement internal motivation is by creating an organizational climate where employees know that they are important. Internal motivators are usually rewards and bonuses for employees who perform to the best of their ability. Employees should know that they don’t just reach the goal for which they’ve worked so hard for, but rather that they’ve actually made a difference in the success of the organization. It takes a certain attitude of self-worth to get the job done.

How to Improve Employee Motivation by Strengthening Company Culture One of the best steps on how to improve employee motivation is by strengthening the company culture. This can be done by regularly giving presentations about the history of your company and by having your employees write down their impressions of the company. The most effective way to strengthen the company culture is by implementing a set of company-wide goals and expectations. These goals should be publicly announced and they should be aligned with the company’s vision. In addition to the company culture, another way to strengthen the company culture is through the use of formal or informal guidelines such as dress codes and policies.

How to Improve Employee Motivation by Getting Your Employees Involved Another good strategy on how to increase employee motivation is by getting your employees involved. If you’re able to involve your employees in some work-related events, this will make them feel more a part of the company. If you can throw employees into the workday with minimal supervision, this will also foster better motivation. On the flip side, if you don’t want your employees to be too heavily involved in the workplace, you should consider letting them take care of certain tasks like answering phone calls, filing papers, or handling the warehouse. Again, these should be light tasks, since heavy involvement in work will decrease employee motivation.

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