How To Look More Confident On Video

How to look more confident on video is a question asked by many of us, especially those of us who seem to have an air of confidence about us, or those of us who are not so blessed with that “aura”. There are many ways you can boost your confidence on film, some better than others. But when you really want to improve how you present yourself on screen, you should know that there is no magic trick that will work overnight. It takes practice. So here are some of the tips you might find useful as you learn how to look more confident on video:

When you are on film, you do not have the advantage of being able to run around and look for the nearest coffee shop and just start talking. You will be filmed and there will be no rewind button so you better get used to sitting still and looking confident while on film. Practice looking relaxed. Go up to strangers in the street and give them your smile. They will probably laugh at you as you know how to look good when you smile but when you actually smile they will probably feel much better knowing that you are not faking it.

One tip on how to look more confident on video is to take a few deep breaths before you begin your video presentation. Do this whenever you find yourself becoming nervous or overly excited about a project. You may be tempted to skip taking deep breaths as you begin speaking but you are better off doing it later when your anxiety has lessened. A few minutes of deep breathing should do the trick.

Another tip on how to look more confident on video is to know your material. You may think that this sounds simple but it really isn’t. Most people have a rough time when it comes to reading and understanding complex things that have been explained to them. Try watching some videos of yourself talking about your topic. See how you sound and work on improving your tone, pitch and enunciation.

The final tip on how to look more confident on video is to remember to stay calm. People are captivated by confident people. So, make sure you project your confidence. If you are apprehensive, think of something that will put you at ease. Don’t over-think the whole thing. Just remember what made you feel relaxed and then do the same in your presentation.

If you want to know how to look more confident on video, you need to remember how confident you already are. Don’t ever try and change who you are because someone else may have a better or worse presentation than you. It’s all about internalising your own confidence. That’s how you’ll be able to effectively sell yourself to the audience you’re targeting.

If you want to learn how to look more confident on video, these tips will help you out. Remember to practice, and then practice some more. You may need to do this a few times before you feel comfortable. Once you feel confident, then you can start presenting. If you have any more questions, ask an audience member before hand.

These are some simple ways on how to look more confident on video. There are a lot more things to consider if you’re going to try and sell yourself to the audience you’re targeting. But with these tips, you should be able to at least get an idea of how to improve your appearance. And of course, the look is only half of the battle. You still have to know how to deliver your message in such a way that your customers will see you as a professional.

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