How To Speak Confidently in Real Life

A common problem many people have is not being able to confidently talk in public. Sometimes they are not sure of themselves and have trouble delivering a speech. However, there are tips you can follow that will help with improving your confidence while speaking. These tips include:

o Using clear speech clarity – The key to speaking confidently is making sure you are clearly understood by the person you are speaking to. By having clear speech clarity you are able to make eye contact and project confidence. When speaking to more people, either to two or several people at once, or in a larger group, the same methods can also be used.

o Creating clear image – The way you speak, your body language and the way you hold yourself also affects how confident you appear to be. When speaking to two or more people at the same time, if you have an unsure or nervous posture then this can reflect on your face. Making eye contact is another important element to building confidence. Your hands should be steady and your speech should flow smoothly. To become comfortable with talking in public, practice speaking with friends and family who do not judge you.

o Developing speech clarity – You will need to develop speech clarity as well as confidence when speaking in public. The more knowledge you have about the subject you are speaking about, the better you will sound. There are two aspects to becoming confident when addressing an audience-one to listening and second to speaking confidently. Listening is a vital part of public speaking and while you may not always have the words to reply to an audience question, carefully listen and respond. Asking questions that relate to the topic will aid you in building a rapport with your audience.

o Developing your own confidence – Another key to being confident in public is developing your own internal confidence. Your internal voice gives you feedback to help you better understand your audience. By talking to yourself in your head and recording your own thoughts you can quickly identify areas of your speech that need improvement. Similarly, listening to your own recordings can help you understand what you are doing right and wrong. Once you have a clear understanding of your own speaking skill, you will speak confidently without conscious effort.

o Having a positive attitude – A confident public speaker must also maintain a positive attitude. Successful speakers go about their business with both confidence and poise. They take full advantage of every opportunity they are presented with. A confident speaker rarely loses composure in tense moments. With positive attitudes, you will be able to focus on your material with more energy instead of being distracted by negative thoughts.

o Using correct English language – Even though you speak confidently, that doesn’t mean you are an expert in the English language. The language we speak today is so advanced that many people find it difficult to understand and communicate using the proper English words. In order to speak confidently to an audience, you need to learn how to use and pronounce the right English words. Again, listening to self-help audio CDs can help you learn the correct way of using the English language.

You can practice speaking confidently in five different ways. Taking the time to practice speaking in front of a mirror and practicing your material in front of a friend or family member are the best ways to speak confidently in real life. With these methods, you can speak confidently in low-pressure situations like speaking before a class, taking part in an interview, public speaking and more.

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