How To Speak More Confidently – Voicing Your Body

How to speak more confident words? It’s the inevitable, unavoidable question we all have to ask each day. Ask anyone on a speaking forum or online and they’ll tell you how difficult it is to keep your voice in a high-pitched, clear tone no matter how many times you try. But isn’t there anything we can do about it?

That’s why everyone needs to learn to speak more naturally. By improving our vocal range, we’re not only increasing the volume of our voice, we’re also expanding the range of the voices we can reach. And with that comes a better understanding and control of the sound we produce, both those within our vocal range and those of other voices. So, let’s examine a few tips on doing just that.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Filler words make a big sound”. Filler words make a big sound, because, just like in poetry, a good poet uses repetitive syllables in order to draw the listener’s attention to an important thought or idea. Think of a sentence like this: “We had a wonderful time at that party”. The first part – “a wonderful time” – has a definite, recognizable quality. But the second part, “at that party”, is made more clear by the repeated use of certain words like “at”, “on”, “and”, “it was” and “we did it”. The more you use these filler words, the less likely it is that people will miss the important thing – the part where you say something like, “We had a wonderful time at that party”.

When I talk on stage, I deliberately set the level of excitement between those who want to hear me speak and those who would rather I not speak at all. I consciously use “umms” and “ahhhs” and use the right inflections in my speech. When I practice online speaking, I do the same thing. I deliberately make my speeches more exciting by deploying more words in my speech. I talk with enthusiasm and I hope that the reader will take notice of that enthusiasm. The goal of online speaking is to influence your audience to adopt a positive attitude about you and what you’re saying.

If I can do it, anyone can do it – ANYONE! I can put people at ease with my charming British accent and my smooth English voice. I can create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and instantly make them feel more at home. I can do all of this while standing, sitting or laying down. All I need to do is stand up and start speaking!

This weekend I spent a lot of time practising my conversational hypnosis skills. I was surprised to find out how much I was actually able to communicate after a few minutes of talking on my mobile phone. This weekend I started radio broadcasting from my blog. I am now able to put people at ease by just speaking into my microphone. I have also started to use my voice more on the telephone.

My confidence has also improved as a result of using my spoken voice on the telephone. I no longer have to use my imagination when I’m speaking in front of people. I can get my point across clearly and simply. I can confidently and effortlessly transition between sentences and I know I can get a response from any person because I can use “fillers words” to make my sentences more interesting.

So I did a bit of practice and I found that my confidence improved as I used the spoken voice on the telephone more. I can now confidently and comfortably talk to my friends and family and I can even confidently and effortlessly talk to complete strangers. The best part is, all this happens despite the fact that I don’t use my vocal range at all. My voice is only at its best when I’m not talking. It’s like I open up to my audience, but I keep my mouth shut.

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