How To Use Motivation Theory In The Workplace

Motivation is a big word that describes something we all need to do. It is said to be the driving force that helps us accomplish our goals. If we do not have any motivation at work then how to use motivation theory in the workplace? Well, firstly, we should think of a few careers that require a drive to succeed. For example, a nurse or a pharmacy technician needs motivation because they are in front of people every day of their career.

The challenge is to develop a feeling of enthusiasm to perform their job. A pharmacy assistant will always have to motivate herself. Some pharmacy assistants have their own problems such as stress, illness, work pressure and other issues. These can cause stress, and this causes stress can effect their performance. Their morale will go down if they have no idea on how to react to stress.

When they feel that they are motivated to work, they tend to work better. Their output will be higher and it might even be above the normal. They might feel tired but it is usually because they are so stressed. They can still perform well, but they might not work as efficiently as before. This might be a sign that they are lacking in their motivation.

Another example is the career of a pharmacy technician. They have to go to a lot of different places to fulfill their job. Everyday they might have a customer that comes to the pharmacy. Sometimes these people might be angry and upset. They might throw things at them or show some unpleasant behavior.

This can affect the pharmacy technicians. Sometimes, they might start to feel tired even when they are working. They might feel like giving up already. On the other hand, if they really want to make a difference in their lives, they might try hard to find a way to motivate them. In the workplace, there are a lot of challenges. These will require a lot of effort if the employees will succeed.

Motivation has to do with the attitudes of the employees. If they start to believe that they have no control over their lives, this could be a challenge to motivate them. They might even start to avoid work colleagues and the job itself. This is because they might think that they could not get any benefit from it.

How to use motivation theory in the workplace can also involve the attitude of the management. If they start to see that employees are having trouble in motivating themselves, they could provide assistance. It can be in the form of monetary remuneration or even health benefits. In the end, they could have something in mind to motivate them. Otherwise, it might be just a simple problem like a disparity in hours or the atmosphere of the work place.

Sometimes, there could be some people in the organization who are trying to undermine the efforts of the employees. If this continues for long enough, the employees might lose their sense of motivation. To prevent this from happening, the managers should make it their responsibility to check on this kind of behavior from time to time. They can make it clear to the employees that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. It might be difficult for some managers to implement this kind of theory in the workplace, but they need to make an effort so that their employees will be motivated to work.

Another theory on how to use motivation in the workplace relates to the communication between the leader and the workers. The leader needs to communicate the right expectations to the employees. If they are not aware of these expectations, then they will not know what to expect from them. The prime objective of the leader is to ensure that the group achieves the set goals that have been set. If this is not achieved, then it would mean failure in the company.

When it comes to finding out how to apply this theory in the workplace, it is advisable to look at the attitude of the employees. If you are able to instill a positive work culture, then the theory would certainly apply to your employees. This is because if they feel that they are being treated fairly, they would be eager to work hard. If you are able to create this kind of environment, then the employees would be keen to do their best, and they would enjoy working for you.

Looking at the employees and the way they work is one way of understanding the theory properly. Once you understand the kind of attitude that the employees have, you can try using this in the workplace. Try implementing some of the ideas that you would like to use in your daily routine. You can make it fun by having contests or trying to award some prizes to the best performing employees. This would inspire them to work harder for you and get rewarded for it.

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