How to Use the Word “Inspired” in a Sentence About Motivation

The following example sentences illustrate how to use the word “inspired” in English. The examples are randomly chosen from a variety of news sources, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The examples are provided for the purpose of illustration only, and readers are encouraged to provide feedback on each example. The sentence “inspired” can be used in many different contexts, but it is a useful word for introducing new vocabulary.

What is a sentence of inspired

Inspiration is a quality or state of mind that can be influenced, motivated, or produced. A famous example of inspiring someone is the explorer Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole, where he was injured and wound. Through this act, the men of his team were able to persevere and successfully reach the shore. In fact, Shackleton’s inspiration inspired his men to keep going, even after the boat was crushed.

The word inspired has several different meanings, including the ability to influence and motivate. In a sentence about a person’s work, inspiration can be considered a way to create an experience. It can be an inspiration to pursue a career, create art, or help others in some way. It can also be a motivation for a person to continue. The most common definition of “inspired” is the act of producing an idea or a result.

In some cultures, the word inspires people to act, transmit, or create something. In other words, inspiration is a powerful force that can motivate you to act on the idea that has been given to you. In many cultures, it has been a source of inspiration for many people. In most cases, inspiration can lead to great achievements, such as achieving a goal. So what does inspired mean?

For example, a sentence of inspired can be a poem, a song, or a movie. In other cultures, the words inspire others. This concept is also true in life. If you want to be inspired, you should follow your passion. If you are inspired by a movie, you should watch it. The storyline will keep you interested. If you love the movie, you can watch it.

The word inspired is a phrase that means “inspired”. It is not a synonym of inspiration. Inspired people feel that their actions are motivated by the idea they have in their minds. They believe in the power of their words to make their lives better. Inspired people may not always have the best intentions when they are in a situation where they are unable to be creative. They need to wait for the words to inspire them.

The words inspired and ‘inspired’ are two of the most common terms in the English language. This is the term used when a person has been inspired by a particular thing. An example of a sentence of inspired is a’suddenly’ or ‘inspired’. The word inspires a person to act or do something. This can also be a metaphor for an idea.

The key to inspiring someone is to be inspired by their thoughts. This may mean that you have an idea that inspires you. If you are inspired by a thought, you are more likely to feel it when you are inspired. A good example of an inspired sentence is an inspirational phrase. This word can be used to describe the feeling of being encouraged by a creative thought. It is a word that means “to inspire”.

Similarly, inspiration can be a question. For example, a harpist was inspired by an opium overdose. Similarly, a woman’s creativity is uninhibited by the fear of death. Her art was a result of a mystical encounter with a stranger. In short, she was inspired by a heavenly source. A self-employed executioner, a seducer, and a self-employed executioner are examples of self-employed executing. The former was a source of disgust and the latter arouses a mystical fear.

The word inspired is a verb that inspires people to do something they haven’t done before. The word inspires can be either a noun or a verb. A sentence that is inspiring is one that aims to elicit a response. The latter is an inspirational sentence. It may be the focus of a speech. If it is an adjective, it implies that the speaker is speaking from a higher-level of consciousness or authority.

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