Tips on How to Be More Confident Talking to Others

Are you looking for some tips and advice on how to be more confident talking to others? Well, let me help you out by sharing with you what I believe is a good exercise that will boost your self-confidence levels dramatically. This way, you will feel better about yourself and be able to interact with others in a more friendly manner. So here’s how to go about it:

We are creatures of habit. This means that when we see the same thing repeated time again, we tend to get used to it. Like with anything else, if you repeat the same behavior to people, they eventually get used to seeing it and doing it as well. So if you repeat what you are doing, they will expect it from you and do the same. What you need to do is challenge this pattern and make them work hard to not only see what you’re doing, but do it.

A great tip on how to be more confident talking to others is to think about the kinder, gentler things you say to other people. For example, instead of talking about how ugly your coworkers are and how you hope they will go away, think about how beautiful they are. Talk about how great their glasses are or the cool leather jacket they both wear. You can also emphasize your unique selling point (USP) and emphasize how much you can add to the company’s image and offerings.

When you talk to people, you need to focus on the words that come out of your mouth and not what is underneath it. Do not fall into the trap of using filler words like “ummm” and “very”. These kinds of words sound a lot like you are trying to say, “ok, just say it like that”. They will make you sound unprofessional and maybe even push your friends away. Just because you do not say something very specific, does not mean you cannot speak in a more confident way.

Another great tip on how to be more confident talking to others is to practice your voice and stance. Do not sit down and try to project confidence when you do not really feel confident. There is nothing worse than when you are trying to talk to someone and you suddenly, out of the blue, become nervous or exhibit bad posture. You are not projecting confidence when you do this. In fact, you will come across as more insincere and rude.

Before you begin to talk to others, practice talking to yourself and see how it goes. You might realize that you do not have to practice being more confident until you feel comfortable doing so. If you do not find your self-confidence level increasing, then you can try to practice talking with other people until you feel better.

As mentioned before, you should take the time to listen. You want to be confident and know what you are talking about, but you should never criticize others as this will only give people a reason to doubt your intelligence. Instead, share information about yourself and how you came to be the person you are now. Share stories about how your mother was a car wreck victim and how she overcame that tragedy. This story will make people want to listen to you and they will be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

It is also very important that you look confident when you are speaking to others. Many times, we do not realize how our facial expressions actually make an impact on the listener. Spend some time each day going through your facial expressions to improve your self-confidence. Your posture and facial expressions make up 5% of the communication that you put out there each day, so make sure you pay attention to these small details.

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