What Are the Levels a Person Can Get to When Studying Pharmacy?

In the field of pharmacy there are various opportunities that are available. A person who studies to become a pharmacy technician may work in a lab or as an employee in a hospital or other medical facility. A person may also choose to further their education and choose to work as an instructor, or even a pharmacist researcher.

Some other pharmacy jobs available involve working for pharmaceutical companies, teaching at colleges and universities or even becoming a pharmacist researcher. A pharmacy tech is employed in a pharmacy where he or she provides support to pharmacists. They are usually responsible for answering customer calls and providing them with information on products that they might be interested in buying. Other duties that may be required of a pharmacy tech include stocking shelves and sorting prescriptions.

When a person studies to become a pharmacy technician he or she can specialize in a particular area of the profession. There are many areas of pharmacy where a person can become specialized. An Associate of Science in Pharmacy is the minimum educational requirement in most states to obtain employment as a pharmacy technician. Some states may require additional courses and certification in order to become a pharmacy technician. For example, some states require students to pass courses in anatomy, nutrition and pharmaceutical courses in order to become certified. Other courses may be required as well, including pharmaceutical theory and human biology courses.

Another option for further education is to become an RN or registered nurse. A bachelor’s degree is required in order to become an RN. The minimum educational requirement to enter a nursing program is a high school diploma. A person who goes on to become an RN must complete two years of education at a university or community college, pass a licensing examination and be registered as a nurse. Once a person becomes an RN, they will continue to study for up to four more years in order to obtain their master’s degree in nursing.

To advance from a registered nurse to a phlebotomist, the next step is to obtain a degree from an accredited school of pharmacy. There are a few different programs that can be completed in order to reach the phlebotomy degree level of choice. A person can earn either a two year or four year degree in phlebotomy. In order to qualify for pharmacy jobs after earning a four year degree, it is important that the individual have at least a bachelor’s degree and be able to pass the state board exams.

After a person has earned their four year degree, they can progress to becoming a pharmacist. A pharmacist must have at least a master’s degree in order to be eligible for pharmacy jobs. There are also some pharmacists who choose to further their education and become a medical assistant.

There are other ways to advance in the profession as well. Pharmacy technicians often begin as dispense only nurses aides. The job can take a couple of years before a technician is promoted to a supervisor level. Once a pharmacist or pharmacy technician is promoted to a management level, it takes even longer to advance to the top. There are more steps that must be followed in order to become a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

When a person is looking to get the right direction in their career, it is important to find the right college that can offer the programs that will help them advance in the profession. There are many different programs to choose from and knowing what is offered with what educational degree is the first step. Many times students will want to go to a university that can offer a good program to help them go on to become a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. Knowing what are the levels a person can get to when studying pharmacy can help them decide on the school that is best for them to go to in order to get the programs that will help them advance in their career.

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