Why Do We Give IV Fluid At A Slow Rate?

The reason as to why we give IV doses at a slow rate has been discussed in detail at various forums where I have gone to talk about the profession and career choices. In essence it is a question of economics. Why do we tend to use the IV doses rather than completing a course of therapy which may reduce the workload for the practitioner or reduce costs for the hospital? This may seem like an odd way to conduct business but it is in fact a very efficient manner of giving effective drugs at a low cost to the patient and maintaining good levels of productivity within the pharmacy.

It would be fair to say that IV practitioners have a job that involves giving patients the correct doses of medication at the correct time with the correct consistency. That is not easy! And it goes without saying that this type of skill and commitment can be hard to learn. So why don’t we take the long view and give ourselves some more time? That is exactly what I will now recommend.

Let us look at the slow pace first. One of the reasons why we use IV doses at a slow rate is that we have access to highly competent nurses and other allied healthcare professionals who are extremely talented but who have less hours on their hands. As such they may be better placed to give the IV doses at a slow rate when compared with someone who has just graduated from college or university. There are two main reasons for this. One is the speed with which the medication can be given at the lowest risk to the patient.

The other reason is that these professionals are highly motivated and focused upon giving a patient effective treatment. This is a high priority for them. You may be asking “so why is this relevant?” The answer to that question is simple. The objective to provide effective healthcare services must always come before the profitability of the practice.

There are several different hospitals in the United Kingdom that have a very low rate of giving intramuscular injections at a slow rate. This is primarily due to the amount of time that is available to them for administering such treatment. They also save money by not having to hire additional staff. These practices are able to maintain a very high level of patient satisfaction because of the excellent care that is provided by the staff members.

So if we are looking at why do we give IV shots at a slow rate, the first priority would appear to be cost savings. However we need to keep in mind that there are other factors that contribute to the cost of administering medicine. The slow rate is one factor but not the only one. Other factors that need to be considered are the number of staff required to perform the task and whether the facility is fully equipped to handle such a large workload.

Another factor to consider is the blood pressure of the patient. If the patient’s blood pressure is too high then this can also cause the rate at which the needles are being pumped into the patient to go too slow. One thing to remember when performing these drugs is that the person receiving the injection should avoid getting a full erection until the medication is completely through his system. This is because this is the quickest way of getting the drugs into the blood stream.

When considering the reasons as to why do we give IV fluids at a slow rate, we also need to consider the type of drug that we are using. It is important to get the drugs where they need to go at a steady pace. This means that we need to monitor the patient’s body closely and inject only small amounts at a time. Doing this can help to keep the body from feeling any type of adverse reaction and can prevent shock after the process is complete.

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