Why Is Healthcare Quality Important?

The importance of healthcare quality cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, quality healthcare and hospital administration form the foundation of modern healthcare facilities and is critically important for patients’ well-being. Why is healthcare quality important? The following statements are a clear explanation:

” Healthcare quality is important because a hospital patient’s condition could be worse if a hospital staff member did not perform his or her job properly. Hospitals should commit to quality improvement through its own actions. When a hospital makes a commitment to improving its standards of quality, it should be actively committed to implementing that commitment.” American Medical Association, “Quality Improvement Through Clinical Information” (R Foundation Press, 2021). For hospitals to be taken seriously, they need to ensure that they perform clinical quality improvement activities on a regular basis.

“The verification process helps reduce costs by enabling health care providers to make informed decisions about which treatments are indicated and which treatments would be less expensive.” Medicare, “Managing Clinical Records and Electronic Health Information Resources: Tips for Better Quality,” (covered in detail in “The Medicare Guide to Preventive Care”) (Rockaway, NJ: Commission on Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2021). How do medical professionals identify quality improvement opportunities? The process includes verification of date of service, reported adverse events, number of days hospitalized, the number of treatment units visited, length of stay, and final disposition.

“When a hospital consistently fails to meet patient needs, quality healthcare can suffer. Not all quality healthcare outcomes are necessary, and not all outcomes are useful. Quality planning determines what kinds of services a hospital offers and how many of those services are provided. A hospital’s management must decide whether its staff members and its patients benefit from improved communication, more accurate information, and more efficient services. Hospital improvement involves monitoring and evaluating the impact of improvements made and continually searching for new ways to enhance the delivery of healthcare.”

“A well-run healthcare organization is one in which the company has a well defined and strategic vision. This vision defines the purpose of the organization and describes the characteristics of the people who will manage it and the way in which it gets things done. This vision may be called a business process (a process for doing business), a system or process, or a strategy. It describes both what the organization does and how it does it. It is called a management plan because it describes in a series of metrics the processes that the company uses to get things done.”

In a nutshell, there are two main parts to the question: what is healthcare quality and how do you know if you have it in your healthcare organization? The first part is for the CPO’s and Directors to determine if they have the vision and the business process that they need to be successful. If not, then they must develop their own verified self-assessment tool that helps them determine if they have the tools necessary to be effective. The second part is to develop a tool to measure their own performance and their ability to deliver the vision and the business process that they have determined should be delivered. Once the team has developed their self-assessment tools then they can begin to measure and improve the healthcare practices that they have developed and hopefully develop the self-assessment tool that helps them become more effective in their efforts to become more effective.

Why is healthcare quality so important? As CPO’s and Directors make decisions about their organizations, they need to take into consideration whether or not they have the tools to measure their success and their ability to provide quality healthcare to their patients. When you evaluate healthcare practices you must take into consideration not just the quality of care but also the type of quality. Quality and organizational resources are intertwined; it is important that both are taken into account.

Why is Healthcare Quality important? Quality Healthcare gives patients the assurance that they will receive the highest possible quality care when they visit the doctor and the hospital and the most efficient care provider. It is important for CPO’s and DAs to develop and maintain an excellent level of collaboration and communication with the patients as well as with their internal audit and quality committee.

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